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Protective Clear Retractable Sneeze Guard Stands

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Every industry is incorporating CDC guidelines and applying State and Local Health and Safety directives in protecting customers, employees, and the community from coronavirus. Depending on the type of business, organization, institution, and person-to-person interactions, one of the safety measures taken is to place Sneeze Guard Barriers and Screens within locations that are at risk.

So if a Protective Barrier, Partition, Divider, or Shield Panel is needed, our Everest Retractable Sneeze Guard Stands are the perfect freestanding solution.

The Everest is an affordable Sneeze Guard that's uniquely different from many other tall protective cough and sneeze barriers that are permanent or cumbersome to move around. It's a retractable banner style floor stand. It's also easily portable.

Tall Standing Everest is a sleek retractable bannerstand constructed in a durable aluminum alloy with an anodized silver finish. It has a weighted base and swivel-out feet for upright stability and designed with an easy pull-up and roll-up barrier made with a 7mm clear polyester protective shield. Easy to wipe clean and disinfect.

The retractable base design is convenient for placing in public areas and workspace areas. When placed between people who are in close contact, the polyester shield helps protect everyone from unexpected sneezes, coughs, and splashes. The sneeze guard barrier quickly pulls up and retracts back into the Floor Base when not in use.

With the Everest Floor Stand, there's a variety of sneeze guard screen sizes to meet tight and limited spaces to wide-open areas. Protective Sneeze Guard Banners come in the following sizes;

15.75" W x 62.5" H
23.5" W x 78.5" H
31.5" W x 78.5" H
33.5" W x 78.5" H
47.25" W x 78.5" H

Easy Set up and Take Down
Designed for convenience and ease of use, the Everest Banner Stand Screen has a user-friendly compact size, easy to assemble and dis-assemble. It typically takes less than a minute. Hardware kit includes Base, snap top rail, three-piece bungee pole assembly, and easily stored soft carrying case.

You'll be surprised how lightweight the EVEREST Retractable Sneeze Guard Banner Barrier Stand is. Just lift and carry to your desired indoor floor space location, making it ideal whether it's a temporary or permanent freestanding barrier for a specific at-risk spot.

Retail Stores, Malls, Restaurants, Schools, Salons, Grocery Stores and Supermarkets, Dealerships, Hotels, Gyms are just a few of the environments that Everest Banner Screens are standing.

You can order a standard blank barrier or add a custom graphic. Provide a digital image of your logo, graphic, or a send a simple brand message, and we'll print it on one side of the banner screen. You can also remind everyone to take precautions with a health and safety message.

EVEREST Retractable Sneeze Guard Banner Stands ship quickly. Email or Call Customer Service for more information and to Request a Quote. We also accept Purchase Orders.

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