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Print Poster Protective Sleeves in 12, 25 and 50 Piece Bundles - 8 Sizes

From $85.00

  • Print Protective Sleeve
  • .008 mil clear flexible vinyl
  • 2-sided 50 pt. thick, ph neutral cardboard print divider
  • Slot Loading: Slot is located on the shorter side
  • Extra locked stitching at stress points - prevents unraveling
  • Available in 8 Print Poster Sleeve Sizes
  • Cardboard Divider Colors: (Available in White or Black, for most sizes)
  • Poster Sleeve Size 40" x 50" SHIPS FREE FREIGHT

Classic Poster Sleeves

From $513.00

  • Archival Poster Sleeves Two-Sided Viewing
  • Lightweight Durable Clear Print Sleeves 9 Sizes
  • Ultra Violet Protective Crystal Clear Film:
  • Made with 175 Micron Polyester
  • Acid-Free 3mm Backing Board: White
  • 5 Sewn Binding Colors
  • Sleeve Sizes Bundled in 10 or 15 to a Box
  • Metal Corner Colors Available: Gold or Silver

Traditional Poster Print Sleeves

From $597.00

  • Poster Print Sleeves
  • Sizes Listed are Overall Size of Panel
  • Print Sleeves are made in one piece
  • Poster sleeves are built for everyday wear & tear
  • Acid-Free 2mm Backing Board: White
  • Ultra Violet Protective Crystal Clear Film: 175 Micron Polyester
  • Polypropylene (Hardened Plastic) Binding Color: Black

Poster Sleeves Product Details

  • Archival print sleeves are made in one piece
  • Lightweight clear poster sleeves are built for everyday wear and tear
  • Acid-Free 3mm Backing Board: White
  • Ultraviolet Protective Crystal Clear Film: 175-micron polyester
  • 5 sewn binding colors (see below)
  • Metal Corner Colors Available: Gold or Silver

NOTE: The manufacturer resides in the United Kingdom (UK)
All Classic Poster Sleeves are made by master display craftsmen and built to order. It will take an estimated 6-8 weeks to arrive in our New York factory. Once received, we will reship immediately to the shipping address provided.

Please click on the Warranty & Returns icon above for more information.

100% Archival Print Sleeves, Art Sleeves and Poster Sleeves
Putting posters, paintings, and other materials on display can lead to a big boost for your business — but you don’t want those great images to fade away. Our classic poster sleeves and print protector sleeves are made from quality archival materials. Slide any flat material inside and proudly display it knowing that lights, dust, fingerprints, and spilled drinks won’t damage what’s inside.

The 3-millimeter acid-free backing board will help preserve your prints and posters, while the anti-static crystal clear sleeves with UV-protective film helps protect your prints over time from natural sunlight and typical indoor lighting. A sewn binding frame and metal corners accent the artwork — if someone accidentally drops the sleeve, the binding will take the impact instead of the prized contents.

Display and Protect Your Collection of Prints, Posters, Photos, and Art
Our indoor art sleeves are available in nine clear sleeve sizes and are a great way to store and showcase prints at your retail store, gift shop, museum, or art gallery. The overall panel sizes range from 15”x40” to 43”x59”, with the maximum insert being two inches smaller. For example, a 22”x30” poster sleeve can hold a 20”x28” poster. Click on the “Size Chart” tab to see all the options.

These print sleeve sizes will accommodate a wide range of maps, photos, posters, charts, artwork, and graphics that can be presented and handled while still preserving the prints. Archival print protectors and poster sleeves are ideal for retail merchandising or gallery displays, and they also can protect certificates, informational announcements, and office safety checklists. You can set them on shelves and racks or mount them to the wall.

Archival Sleeve Sizes Allow a Range of Possibilities
Classic archive sleeves allow you to display multiple smaller prints per poster sleeve or just one large print per art sleeve. The clear UV-protective plastic sleeve film is stitched into the acid-free backer board divider. This allows you to maximize space by showcasing images on both sides of the transparent protective sleeves, doubling the total display without taking up additional space.

Sewn Borders Present Art Prints and Posters in Colorful Style
Classic poster sleeves have a sewn binding border in five popular colors: Black, Claret, Cocoa, Marino, and Pewter. The transparent protective sleeve film is stitched into a white backer board divider on three sides of the sleeve. The fourth side is unstitched for poster placement. The final touch to these archival print sleeves is decorative metal corners available in a silver or gold finish to accent your display.

These lightweight, protective clear sleeves are made for everyday viewing and handling. The product is top-quality. You’re not getting generic store display sleeves — Displays4Sale classic archival sleeves are built-to-order by master display craftsmen and come with a one-year limited warranty—order four or more to get a quantity discount on top of our competitive prices.

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