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UNFRAMED Letter Board Inserts

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Open Face Felt Letter Board UNFRAMED | 6 Fabric Colors in 35+ Sizes and Custom

From $27.00

  • Unframed Felt Letter Board
  • Overall Letterboard Depth: 1/2"
  • It's Frameless - No Frame Included
  • Free White Helvetica Letters Set (290 Characters)
  • Sprue Letter Set with Plastic Letters and Numbers
  • Felt letter board with 1/4" grooves for letters insertion
  • 35+ Felt Letter Board Sizes and Custom Sizes
  • Black Letter Board Comes Standard
  • Optional 5 Colorful Felt Letter Boards
  • Order Additional Letterset Sizes 1/2", 3/4", 1", 2", 3"
  • Custom Painted Plastic Letter Set Color Options
  • No Hanging Hardware Included
  • Open Face letter boards displays for INDOOR use only
  • Call for Open Face Custom Unframed Letter Boards

Open Face Vinyl Letter Board UNFRAMED in 40+ Sizes and Custom Letterboards in Black + 5 Colors

From $31.00

  • Unframed Vinyl Letter Board
  • Grooved Vinyl Panel Depth: 1/2"
  • No Frame Included - Comes Frameless
  • 1/4" Spaced Grooves on Letterboard Panel
  • Easy Letter and Number Insertion into Grooved Board
  • Choose Portrait or Landscape Orientation
  • 3/4" White Helvetica letters and numbers included (290 Characters)
  • No Hanging Hardware
  • Open Face letter boards displays for INDOORuse only
  • Call to Customize Open Face Unframed Letterboard

There are countless uses for our inventory of unframed letter boards. These grooved letter board panels can be used for menu boards, directories, schedules, notices, and other information in felt and vinyl options. In a range of sizes, from 8.5" x11" to 96" x48", and six colors, you can find the perfect board for your restaurant, retail store, office, theater, museum, or other places of business can easily be found here.

Our vinyl and felt unframed changeable letter boards are the best options for projects that require customization. With these, you can choose several different sign elements to create the perfect letter board. You may select the overall size, orientation (portrait, square, or landscape), and color for both the felt and vinyl boards. We offer each panel option in black, burgundy, grey, white, green, and blue. We include a set of3/4" white Helvetica letters and numbers (290 characters total). The plastic letters easily fit into the boards' 1/4" grooves, making quick changes an effortless task. You can also purchase additional letter sets in Helvetica and Roman fonts in either black or white. These letter characters are available in 1/2", 3/4", 1", 2", and 3" heights. Once you've received your board, you can add your finishing touch with a metal or wood frame. Please note that no hanging hardware is included and that these unframed letter boards are for indoor use only.

Please Note: If used in an outdoor enclosed display case, you can insert and secure the vinyl-covered letterboard panel into the weatherproof cabinet. A Felt Letterboard is not recommended for outdoor display.

If you do not see the perfect unframed changeable letter boards for your project or space, we can create them! We've made countless custom letter boards for designers and buyers in all industries―that have become essential additions to their businesses and organizations. Whether you need an uncommon size, orientation, or custom fabric color, we have many options to meet your needs! We can even customize letter sets to make your messages pop on the letter board. To do this, we custom hand spray a special durable paint that bonds onto the plastic letters to help prevent chipping. These colors include red, blue, yellow, orange, green, gold, and silver.

Have any questions about our felt and vinyl frameless changeable letter boards or customizing your letter boards? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us by chat, email, or by calling 800-289-1539. Our customer service is ready to help with any questions you have or request a quote.

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