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Swivel Picture Frames

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24 x 36 Lightweight Aluminum Swivel Display Frame - Wall Mount Poster & Sign Holder

From $155.00

  • Wall Swivel Display Frame
  • Wall Frame Poster Display for Graphic Poster Boards
  • Includes (2) 3" Standoffs and (2) 3-1/4" wall mounts
  • Built to display 24" x 36" boards and other substrates
  • Display Frame swivels for multi angle graphic presentations.
  • Constructed with durable aluminum
  • Side Loading: 3/16" full open slot
  • Fully Adjustable Frame
  • Vertical Orientation
  • Wall Display available in Black or Silver finishes
  • Overall Sign Holder Weight: 11 LBS
  • Swivel Wall Displays Best suited for Indoor Use Only

22 x 28 Lightweight Aluminum Swivel Displays - Wall Mount

From $124.00

  • Wall Swivel Frame Poster Display 22x28
  • Slide-in Frame for Graphic Poster Boards
  • Two 3" Standoffs and Two 3-1/4" Wall Mounts
  • Frame Swivels in Multi-Angles
  • Display 22" x 28" boards and other rigid substrates
  • Constructed with durable aluminum
  • Side Loading: 3/16" Full Open Slot
  • Fully Adjustable Frame
  • Multi-angle graphic presentations
  • Vertical Orientation
  • Wall Display in Black or Silver Finishes
  • Overall Sign Holder Weight: 11 LBS
  • Wall Displays Best Suited for Indoor Use Only
Unexpected dimension often piques interest in those passing by, drawing their gaze to what has stuck out. This could be a wall of mounted advertisements, where one is placed in a swivel display. Breaks in monotony allow for unique marketing opportunities, and we’ve got the perfect display option for this. Our collection of aluminum swivel displays will easily differentiate your posters from others as the mounts bring the displays off the wall.

Our aluminum swivel display boards are ideal if you want to give your posters a multi-dimensional appeal. Our frames measure 11” long and can be mounted onto any surface easily. The swivel frame is fully adjustable, and posters simply slide into a side slot and are ready for display. They’re constructed in durable aluminum and available in Satin Silver and Matte Black. Each frame includes two 3” standoffs and two 2 ¼” wall mounts. We offer these aluminum swivel displays in two sizes—22”x28” and 24”x36”. With your frame, you may also choose to add protective overlays or backer boards for an additional cost. The clear protective and non-glare protective overlays each protect your graphic, while the non-glare offering removes glare from interior lighting. The overlays come in sets of two. The Coroplast backer boards help keep your poster supported, however, these are only needed if the graphic isn’t mounted already. Please note that these frames are for indoor use only.

You can benefit from bulk ordering these frames in a few different ways. From an economical standpoint, the larger the quantity you order, the greater your discount will be. For example, quantities ranging from 10 to 14 qualify for a 5% discount. Orders of 50 to 99 increase this to 8%. This works perfectly for those with hefty projects that require a number of displays throughout a space. By using the aluminum swivel display boards, you can outfit your entire business, organization, or other large space with these multi-dimensional frames. They work wonderfully in areas like shopping malls, restaurants, theaters, and showrooms. Plus, frames like these are lasting and worthwhile investments!

Standing out in the marketing and advertising world is a great way to grab attention, and these aluminum swivel displays will help you accomplish that. If you have any questions about these frames or would like to discuss printing your graphics with us for an all-in-one experience, please contact us 800-289-1589 and we’d be glad to offer more information.
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