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Backlit Light Box

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Designer SwingFrame LED Backlit Poster Light Boxes with Swing Open Metal Frame Profile in 15+ Sizes

From $321.10

  • SwingFrame Designer LED Backlit Lightbox
  • Patented, Swing-Open Framing System
  • Concealed Hinges and Sliding Gravity Lock
  • Wall Mount Light Box Depth: 5 1/2"
  • Metal Frame Profile: 5/8" Wide
  • Frame opens right to left
  • 5 Aluminum frame finishes
  • Beveled Matboard: Complementary color to metal frame finish
  • Removable white diffuser spreads bright illumination
  • Magnetic clamps on white diffuser allow for easy poster changes
  • Break Resistant Clear Acrylic Window
  • Installs Easily - Metal Z-Bar (Cleats) with mounting holes provided
  • Backlit Poster Lightbox displays for INDOOR USE ONLY
  • Call to Customize SwingFrame Backlit Poster Lightboxes

SwingSnaps LED Backlit Lightboxes

From $370.00

  • "SwingSnap" Backlit Light Box
  • Quick Changing Snap Open Frame
  • Wall Mount Poster Light Box Display
  • Front loading snapframe allows for easy graphic & bulb changes
  • Overall Lighbox Depth: 5"
  • Metal Frame Width: 1 1/4"
  • Wood Cabinet Exterior Finish: Complimentary Laminate
  • Removable white diffuser panel spreads light evenly
  • Protective Overlay: .020 Clear PETG
  • 5 popular anodized metal finishes available
  • Installs Easily: Metal Z-Bar along with pre-drilled holes in frame
  • Snap Frame Profile: 1 1/4" Wide
  • SwingSnap Backlit Boxes for INDOOR USE ONLY

SwingSnap Wide-Edge LED Backlit Light Boxes 20+ Sizes and Custom

From $499.20

  • SwingCase Wide-Edge Lightbox with Snap Frame
  • Back-Lit Poster Light Box Display
  • Wide-Edge Aluminum Custom Frame 2 1/2" Wide
  • Quick Change Snap Open Frame
  • Front loading frame allows for easy graphic & bulb changes
  • UL listings for all components
  • LED Lights
  • Energy-Efficient, Long-Lasting: 50,000 hours
  • Acrylic panel with grid allows for even light distribution
  • Low maintenance replaceable T-4 Linkable fluorescent bulbs
  • Frame Profile: 2 1/2" Wide
  • Overall Light Box Frame Depth: 5"
  • 3 popular anodized metal finishes available
  • Strong lightweight overlay provides a clear viewing window
  • No Tools! All four frame sides snap-open easily by hand
  • Installs Easily - Metal Z-Bar (Cleats) with mounting holes provided
  • Larger size ships FREE FREIGHT (see Size Chart ICON for details)
  • Back-Lit lighted displays for INDOOR USE ONLY
  • Call for Custom Lightbox Sizes Edgelit, LED's and Backlit Styles

Designer Wood SwingFrame Backlit Light Boxes | Quick Change, Swing Open, LED Lighting 15+ Sizes

From $338.00

  • SwingFrame Wood Framed Light Box
  • Indoor Poster Light Box Display Frame
  • Wall Mount Swing Open, Backlit Lightbox
  • UL Approved, LED Lights
  • Energy-Efficient, Long Lasting: 50,000 Hours
  • Contemporary #353 Wood Framed Light Box
  • Patented swing-open frame system (opens right to left)
  • Designed with Concealed Hinges and Sliding Gravity Lock
  • Lightbox Depth: 5 5/8"
  • #353 Custom Wood Frame Profile: 1 3/8" Wide
  • 9 Wood frame finishes available
  • Beveled Matboard: Complementary color to frame finish
  • Removable white diffuser spreads bright illumination
  • Magnetic clamps on white diffuser for easy insert and changes
  • Break-Resistant Clear Acrylic Window:
  • Installs Easily - Metal Z-Bar (Cleats) with mounting holes provided
  • Larger sizes ships FREE FREIGHT(see Size Chart for details)
  • Designer Wood Framed Light Box Displays for INDOOR USE ONLY
  • Call for Custom Light Boxes Wood and Metal Framed

Backlit Lightboxes from Displays4Sale offers a multitude of lightbox display solutions
for a wide-range of interior illuminated display fixture applications

We offer more backlit lightbox displays choices. Interior design and décors are not all the same and having a wider range of backlit lightboxes help designers, architects and buyers find the right illuminated display fixtures for their specific design projects. Snap Frame Poster Displays, Swingframe Swing-Open Backlit Lightbox Displays and Backlit Slide-In Lightbox Displays are just a few of the many lightboxes offered on the Displays4Sale website.

What makes lightboxes different than other online light box distributors?
At Displays4sale we’re also a lightbox manufacturer, right here in the USA. Our sister company is also our manufacturing division; Swingframe Mfg. The patented line of Swingframe frames and displays include backlit and edgelit light box displays: Designer Backlit Lightboxes, Décor Edgelit Lightboxes, and “SwingSnap”, Snap Frame Back-lit and Edge-lit Lightboxes These light boxes are designed and built in our factory in Freeport, Long Island, New York (20 minutes from New York City).

Swingframe’s backlit metal and wood lightboxes designed to swing open for rapid change
You don’t have to take it off the wall or dismantle our back lit lightbox display system to exchange your poster and signs. Swingframe offers its own line of metal and wood frame profile styles designed for its light boxes. The simplicity and versatility of the Swingframe system allows utilizing hundreds of readily available picture frame mouldings to create a lightbox that fits your décor needs. Need a spruce green wood frame or a dark blue metal frame finish. We can do it. It’s available and you don’t have to purchase a large volume of lightboxes to get it built.

Concerned about security in a public area? We have lightbox display models that are lockable.
Several back lighting lightboxes come with locks including our wall mounted Swingframe backlit lightbox system. Both metal and wood lightboxes have optional side-plunge locks to prevent tampering.

Backlit lightbox displays with the latest in energy efficient florescent lighting
Cool white florescent bulbs brighten our backlit lightboxes. Each backlit lightbox model uses different florescent bulbs specific to that lightbox style and features either: T-12, T-8, or linkable T-5 and T-4 bulbs meet today’s energy efficiency requirements ─with some models providing up to 20,000 hours of life expectancy! That’s approximately 4-5 years. But unlike most thin LED lightboxes the bulbs on these back lit lightboxes are easily replaceable.

Displays4Sale Indoor backlit lightbox displays offer more styles and sizes to brighten your
advertising, promotions, and signage

If you looking for a poster lightbox, sign light box, photographic lightbox, directory lightbox, Displays4sale has the range of lightboxes that can meet your design and budget requirements. Whether it’s for one wall mounted backlit display for a medical center or large volume of illuminated displays for a retail store or service company we can deliver one of our standard backlit lightboxes or custom design a lightbox to your specs. Call our custom design services to more info on custom lightboxes

Applications For Displays4Sale Wall Mounted Backlit Lightboxes and Backlit Displays Include:

• Retail Store Lightbox Display • Movie Theatre Poster Lightbox
• Tradeshow Lightboxes • Advertising Backlit Light Boxes
• Sports Stadium Lightbox Displays • Auto Showroom Backlit Lightboxes
• Medical Center Lightboxes • Convention and Tourism Lightboxes
• Airport Light Boxes • Bank and Credit Union Light Boxes
• Restaurant/Food Service Lightboxes • Point of Purchase Backlit Light Box
• Convenience Store Lightboxes • Casino Signage Lightbox Displays
• Hotel Lightbox Displays • Entertainment Center Light Boxes
• Museum Lightbox Displays • Poster Lightbox Displays

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